I'm Amanda, a mum of two to George & Rosie and the founder of
The Gentle Parent Coach.


I proudly provide gentle sleep support and toddler led toilet training to families with little ones from newborn up to the age of six.

I am based in Stevenage, Hertfordshire however I support clients globally via zoom.

My Story

My journey with sleep started when my son was born and we completely underestimated how complex sleep in babies can be to navigate. We had no idea what to expect in the early days and after 6 or 7 months, we had just about reached as much as we could possibly handle.

After spending months on google and investing money into a fixed sleep training plan, I knew this wasn't for me. I wasn't willing to leave my baby to cry alone for any period of time. He was telling me something wasn't working for him and leaving him to cry wasn't how I wanted my relationship to be with my baby. I wanted to understand why we were faced with these challenges. I wanted to know what was causing our unsettled nights and where we were going so wrong. 

This is when I came across the Holistic Sleep Coaching Program which is taught by experts from around the world and covers infant sleep in SO much detail, with a truly gentle and responsive approach. 

Having had two babies who both suffered with reflux and a cows milk protein intolerance, it was so important to me to find a training program that sits well with my values as a parent but also takes a holistic approach to consider everything that impacts sleep, not just looking at sleep itself. I got this and so much more from my training and I have proudly supported many families with little ones who have reflux, allergies and additional needs. Since then, I have further studied in Colic, Reflux & Allergies and attachment parenting with a focus on Positive Discipline. You can read more about my training below!

In addition to providing sleep support, I have also undertaken comprehensive and practical training through ERIC - The Children's Bowel and Bladder Charity and Toddler Led Toileting Training with Chilled Mama which enables me to support families with a realistic gentle parenting approach to all aspects of toddler toileting as well as navigating this experience myself as a mum.

So back to when I questioned what we were doing so wrong... The truth is, we weren't doing anything wrong and I know that now. We trusted our instincts and done what we felt was right at the time because we didn't know any other way. One thing I can guarantee for you, is that with my support, I would encourage you to always trust your instincts and always do what you feel is right. I can support you with a range of options that work for you and your child but no-one knows your child better than you do.

Qualifications & Training


OCN Level 6 Holistic Sleep Coaching


OCN Level 3 Colic, Reflux & Allergies


FEDANT accredited certificate in Child Positive Discipline


ERIC Supporting children's Toilet Training


ERIC Bedwetting & Supporting Children with Additional needs


Chilled Mama Toddler Led Toileting Facilitator