Colic, Reflux & Allergy Support

I know all too well, the struggles of having an unsettled baby feeling like there is no end in sight. I personally have had two babies who have both suffered with reflux and a cows milk protein intolerance and my eldest suffered with colic too.
This is what sparked my interest in learning more about colic, reflux and allergies. Not just to understand it for myself, but to be able to offer this support to other parents who are experiencing an unnecessarily difficult journey. 

I studied an OCN accredited qualification specifically in Colic, Reflux and Allergies which has expanded my knowledge in all of these areas and has equipped me with many tools to support parents in having a positive journey with their little one.


It is very important to note that I am neither a feeding specialist or a medical expert so any advice or information provided is for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for any medical advice that may have been received. Medical advice should always be followed under the guidance of a qualified and registered medical professional.  

So you may be questioning how I can help?

Does your little one have colic and the advice you have been given is to 'just wait until they hit 12 weeks'? It baffles me that this advice is dished out like colic is normal. It is common, not normal. Colic is not a diagnosis, it is a symptom of an underlying cause. The cause can vary but excessive crying in a baby is not normal, they cry because they are trying to communicate something and it's important that we don't just dismiss this as 'colic'.

Have you visited a healthcare professional with concerns about reflux and just been told 'here, try some gaviscon and let me know how you get on'? I know that's the first thing that was suggested to me. The real question here is what is causing the reflux? Sickness in a baby can be very frustrating from a laundry perspective, however if they are happy, gaining weight well, sleeping appropriately for their age and developmental stage then great! If your baby is very unsettled, struggling to feed, struggling to lay on their back or even losing weight, this is not ok. I would always recommend you take the advice of your healthcare professional, but this doesn't stop you doing your own research to identify the underlying cause which is often overlooked. 

Lastly, do you have concerns over your unsettled baby but you don't believe they have reflux and they don't fit the definition of a 'colicky baby'? Are you concerned that something else is going on? I truly believe that the parents know best. No-one knows your baby better than you do and if you feel like something isn't sitting right, doing something about it is absolutely, the right thing to do.

So the way I can help you, is by reviewing a very detailed questionnaire about you and your baby to identify what could be going on. This could involve anything from reassurance about your baby's behaviours, pointing you in the right direction of the right kind of specialist, offering coping strategies but most importantly, offering a range of suggestions and action points (dependant on your situation) to take on board, in order to improve your current situation and make your baby more comfortable.


Unsettled baby troubleshoot call


Suitable from newborn upwards


This option is perfect as an information session covering support for unsettled babies and sleep support where you will receive guidance and suggestions to work with.

  • Preliminary sleep and unsettled baby questionnaire and sleep diary

  • Up to 60 minute Phone/Zoom consultation

  • Call summary and action points sent via email within two working days of your consultation


Unsettled baby sleep package


Suitable from newborn upwards

  • Preliminary sleep and unsettled baby questionnaire and sleep diary

  • Up to 60 minute Phone/Zoom consultation

  • Call summary and action points sent via email within two working days of your consultation

  • Sleep and symptom log to track progress during support period

  • Three weeks of unlimited email support

  • End of support phone/zoom call

  • Opportunity for additional follow up support

If you have any questions, please take a read of my FAQs or feel free to drop me a message