What happens when I purchase a package? 

Once you have purchased a package from my shop, you will be able to download the preliminary questionnaire which includes a sleep and food diary. I will then contact you directly to set a consultation date. The information collated on the questionnaire will give me an excellent insight into your little ones current schedule. We will discuss this in detail along with suggestions and recommendations on a zoom video call or phone call. I will then follow this up by email with a personalised sleep plan and discuss your follow up support and sleep log with you, depending on the package you have selected. To view my packages, please click here

Is there an extra charge for siblings or multiples?

Yes, there is a charge of £95 for each extra child. Separate sleep plans will be provided for each child.

How long does it take to see results? 

I hate the term 'how long is a piece of string' but it seems appropriate in answer to this question! All little ones are different so whilst one family may see improvement within 24 hours, other families may take longer. I will give advice on how to keep a sleep log which makes it easy to recognise the small achievements, it's important to understand that good results doesn't just mean sleeping through the night and the small wins are key to reach your desired goal. Consistency is vital, I provide you with the advice and information you need but it's in your capable hands to put this into practice.

Will my baby cry when putting the plan in place?

Just to be clear here, I do not advocate 'cry it out' or controlled crying methods. There is a very big difference between leaving your child to cry alone and your child crying with you there to support them. I would never ask or recommend you to leave your child crying alone, all methods I recommend are supportive and responsive to your child's needs.

Can I purchase further support once the follow up support on my package comes to an end? 

You can! If you would like further support once your package has come to an end, there are a couple of options which you can find at the bottom of my one to one support page here.

How do the online workshops/group coaching sessions work?

You book on by purchasing through the shop on my website. Providing there are at least 3 bookings, this will run live on zoom. I will send you the zoom link before the session is due to commence. The workshops involve a detailed talk by myself and an opportunity to ask your specific questions. The group coaching sessions are far more detailed over a two week period and include a welcome session, five live sessions, a final Q&A session and two weeks of Facebook group support. 

What training have you completed? 

As well as my personal experience facing sleep issues as a mum, I have also completed the Holistic Sleep Coaching Program which is comprehensive training accredited at level 6 through the Open College Network (OCN), the largest vocational awarding body in the UK. The training is taught by internationally renowned guest speakers which includes a Paediatrician, Doctor, Dietician, Professors, Health Visitors, International Board Certified Lactation Consultants and many other respected professionals! Need I say more? 

I have a Level 3 OCN accredited qualification in Colic, Reflux & Allergies, a FEDANT accredited certificate in Child Positive Discipline and have trained in toileting with both ERIC - The Children's Bowel and Bladder Charity and Toddler Led Toileting Training with Chilled Mama

Do you carry out home visits?

I have very limited availability for home visits due to family commitments however local visits, I would consider. Please do drop me an email if you wish to discuss this in further detail. 

How is payment made?

Payment is made via the shop on my website or direct bank transfer. 

Do you offer refunds if there is no improvement in sleep? 

The amount you will be paying for my service is reflective of the time I invest into your family to understand your goals, share my expertise in identifying why your little one requires sleep support and my support to help you achieve your goals. I am here to provide you with my knowledge and expertise but ultimately you are responsible for putting this into practice and remaining consistent with the advice provided. 

Do you only offer services within the UK?

I offer my services worldwide so wherever you may be in the world, please do get in touch, I'd love to hear from you