Empowering parents to support their little ones sleep and toileting journeys 
Respectfully and Responsively.

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Amanda is a devoted mum of two to George & Rosie and proudly provides gentle sleep and toileting support for families with little ones up to the age of six years.

She is passionate about encouraging parents to follow their instincts and always do what feels right for them as a family. She truly believes that no-one knows their children better than their parents and works with families to find an approach and a solution that suits everyone involved.

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Success Stories

Amanda gave me confidence and reassured me that I hadn’t done anything wrong. She gave me so much information about baby sleep and tailor made support to help with our little one. Just having her on the end of the phone to ask the odd question and advice was so reassuring. She was completely invested in us and our son. She celebrated our sleep successes with us and has been simply wonderful.


Amanda took the time to help us with the early rising of both our children.

She helped with some great strategies to get our children to stay in bed and then sleep longer and stop their early waking.


Thank you so much for helping our children (and us) to get more sleep.

Amanda gave me some brilliant tips to help our little boy break the habit of waking in the night for milk.
One week on and we’ve already seen a big improvement - all the family is well rested and hugely grateful! I only wish I’d reached out to Amanda when our firstborn was a baby!
Amanda has brilliant communication skills, and she is really engaging and completely non-judgemental.

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