How to manage the Autumn clock change

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

The darker mornings/evenings and the colder weather has now arrived which means we are well and truly in #Autumn!

What could go so wrong with an extra hour in bed? Sounds like heaven right? Perhaps not when you have children, especially babies and toddlers as unfortunately it isn’t as easy as getting them to sleep for an extra hour. It can become even more difficult if you already have an early riser on your hands because your 5am start could turn into a 4am start, but NOT if you follow these handy #tips to prepare your little ones body clock in advance!

There are a few options you have on managing this and it really comes down to your baby, toddler or child. As their parents, you know them best so only you can decide which approach would work well for you and your family.

Option 1

3 days before the clock change and on the day, shift your little ones routine later by 15 minutes each day, when I say routine, I am referring to usual nap times, feeding times and bedtime. By the time you reach clock change day, this will have moved by an hour so you should be back on track with the hour we gain.

Option 2

The day before the clock change, shift your little ones routine later by 30 minutes and do the same for clock change day which is the same approach as above but not as gradual if your little one usually adjusts to change quite quickly.

Option 3

Do nothing and just treat the times as usual on the clock change day! Some babies, toddlers and children adjust well without the need for a gradual approach but this is one for you to judge! If your little one is really struggling to make it to either nap/bedtime, you can always offer a quick 10 minute power nap to help get them through!

In addition to all of the options above, I would encourage lots of outdoor time for natural daylight during the day because this is one of the best ways to regulate the body clock. If your little one wakes early, treat the wake up as you would any other night wake and keep the room dark and quiet until you achieve the ideal wake up time for your family.

If you are worried about an earlier start than normal, consider getting yourself to bed early the night before so the morning doesn't feel too difficult to cope with when it arrives!

You shouldn’t experience any issues after a week or two but get in touch if you would like any further advice or head over to my Facebook or Instagram pages to see more!


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