How to manage the Spring clock change

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

The lighter mornings and evenings have arrived, which means the clock change is on its way! I love Spring, I definitely feel more awake and have more energy with more daylight.

For those of you who don't have children or you have older children, you probably think this is the worst of the two clock changes, because you lose an hour in bed. However, for those of you with younger children, especially the ones who wake early, your 5am is about to turn into 6am, which is all well and good, until you attempt to get them into bed at usual time and they are having none of it...

Depending on your day to day activities, you may need to adjust your little ones body clock, to keep in line with your usual routine. When I talk about routines in the options below, I am referring to usual wake up times, nap times, feeding times and bedtime.

Option 1 - Suitable for babies up to pre-toddler age

3 days before the clock change and on the day, shift your little ones routine earlier by 15 minutes each day. By the time you reach clock change day, this will have moved by an hour, so you should be back on track with the hour we lose.

Option 2 - Suitable for younger toddlers who still nap during the day

The day before the clock change, shift your little ones routine earlier by 30 minutes and do the same for clock change day which is the same approach as above but not as gradual if your little one usually adjusts to change quite quickly.

Option 3 - Suitable for older toddlers and children who no longer nap during the day

Do nothing, enjoy the 'lay-in' if you wish and just treat the times as usual on the clock change day! Some babies, toddlers and children adjust well without the need for a gradual approach but this is one for you to judge!

In addition to all of the options above (you can decide which you think will work best for your little one), I would encourage lots of outdoor time for natural daylight during the day because this is one of the best ways to regulate the body clock. If your little one is waking up too late (is that a thing?!), which is having an impact on the rest of their day, I would suggest waking them up in the morning - this is more likely to impact younger babies.

Blackout blinds are on my 'essential' list for Spring & Summer. The lighter evenings can make it a little more difficult to settle and the mornings can get very bright and cause early wake ups, which no-one wants. Ensure all light is completely blocked out, a tiny bit of light coming through can have a big impact.

You shouldn’t experience any issues after a couple of weeks but get in touch if you would like any further advice, or head over to my Facebook or Instagram pages to see more!


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