How to stop bedsharing

Bedsharing works wonders for many families and if it's working for both you and your little one then great! You don't need to do anything! For some families, they don't plan to bedshare but do so because it works better than attempting to settle a little one in their own sleep space. Whether you've fallen into #bedsharing unplanned or you planned to do it for a period of time and it's no longer working for you, I have decided to write about different things to consider when moving away from bedsharing but also alternative options that may work better for you!

Cot resistance…

I very commonly work with parents who want to move from bedsharing to their little one sleeping in a #cot. For younger babies I find this is doable with a lot of time and patience, for toddlers I find it could be an unrealistic goal… The reason for this is probably quite self-explanatory but when you think about the freedom and space they have in your bed with you close by their side, to being put into an empty cot with bars between you both and restricted space, you can understand why it might not go down so well.

For younger babies I generally find that encouraging them to fall asleep in their own sleep space at the beginning of the night tends to help them remain settled in their own sleep space easier than if they fall asleep in any other way but you can also consider the approach with toddlers below if this works better for you! The thing that is worth keeping in mind, is that it's biologically normal for babies to want to be close by to their parents so no matter the age, any change moving away from this is likely to cause upset so I would approach it as gently as possible with ALOT of support.

For toddlers, I generally find floor beds work much better. Floor beds can actually work in more ways than one:

  • You can still lay with your little one and offer them the comfort they need to fall asleep and roll away when they are in a deep sleep

  • You can settle your little one and join them part way through the night if they need you rather than spending the whole night with them

  • Your little one can come and find you if they need you. You could even set up a little floor bed in your room for them to settle if this works better!

  • You aren't faced with the restricted space and bars challenge mentioned about

The most important aspect of