Night Feed Weaning Workshop

Is your little one over the age of 12 months? Are night feeds unmanageable or would you like to drop them altogether? If so, this workshop is perfect for YOU!


Who is this workshop aimed at?

This workshop is aimed at parents with little ones over the age of 12 months with no health concerns, who wish to reduce or drop night feeds.

*Suitable for babies both breast or bottle fed,


What will you get out of it?

I will be talking all about:

- Why your baby may still be feeding at night

- Day routines and how this impacts the night

- How you can improve sleep without completely dropping night feeds

- Strategies to reduce night feeds

- Strategies to drop night feeds altogether


The session will include a talk by myself, a specialist in infant sleep, followed by a live Q&A for you to ask any questions! You will also have the opportunity to ask any follow up questions in my free Facebook support group!


Number of tickets:

To ensure I can offer a completely PERSONALISED service, there will be a maximum of 6 tickets for this workshop. This allows me dedicated time to answer your specific questions.



8pm - 9pm


Important Notes

* A minimum of 3 tickets need to be purchased for the workshop to run. In the event of less than 3 tickets being purchased, a full refund will be made.

* Due to the minimum requirements above and limited capacity, tickets for workshops are non-refundable.

Night Feed Weaning Workshop


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